One-Year Blogiversary

Time flies!

It’s nice to have basically an electronic journal of what I’ve done or attempted to do for the last year.  There were a couple slow months, I know.  I’ll take this time to list my achievements and goals for the next year.

What I Have Done (June 2014-June 2015)

Started this blog on 24 Jun 2014.

Approved for Society of Civil War Families of Indiana (SCWFI) (Civil War ancestor: Paul Mayer).

Approved for NSDAR (Patriot: Thomas Pearson).

Attended the OGS Conference.

Attended the IGS Conference.

Finished my indexing project.

Had a family reunion.

Began researching for a portion of my BCG portfolio.

What I Want to Do (June 2015- )

Start a local genealogy society (officially by 1 Jan 2016).

Volunteer more hours at local historical society.

Swearing-in ceremony for Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of INDAR (Sept 2015).

Create the yearbook for Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of INDAR (Sept 2015).

Attend regional INDAR meeting (Aug 2015).

Add two more of my ancestors to SCWFI (John Ford and Lyman S. Ford).

Begin working on NSDAR supplemental for William Ballard (born 1715).

Finish studies through NGS (got this in under the wire! Signed up for the NGS Guide to Documentation and Source Citation!).

Attend OGS Conference (Apr 2016).

Attend IGS Conference (Apr 2016).

Attend Midwestern Roots 2016 (July 2016).

Attend FGS Conference (Aug/Sept 2016).

Attend APG’s PMC (Sept 2016).

Join PALAM (Oct 2015).

Become an aunt again!! (July or August 2015)

Put together another family reunion (Oct 2016).

Go “on the clock”???

Apply for First Families of Ohio (James A. Fowler and his wife Elizabeth Devore).

Revisiting Paul Mayer

For some background on Paul Mayer, see this post.

I found out yesterday that the application I completed to join the Society of Civil War Families of Indiana (SCWFI), honoring Paul Mayer, had been approved! He served 3 months in 1861 in the 8th IN Regiment and saw action at the Battle of Rich Mountain in West Virginia with his regiment. I’m still working on finding Paul Mayer’s parents in Wuerttemberg, Germany!

I’m still working on my father/son Civil War veteran combo. I have no trouble linking myself to the son, but the link between father and son will be harder to prove as there is very little documentation linking the two together (the father being John Ford, my Do-Over research ancestor).  Both John and Lyman Ford served in the 59th IN Regiment from 1862 until the war was over.

My DAR application must’ve recently been sent in because my check was finally cashed!

More info on the SCWFI: Indiana Genealogical Society