New Position

The Association of Professional Genealogists ( includes chapters, one of which is the Indiana Chapter.  I have been a member of APG for 2 years and a member of ICHAP for the last year.  Elections were held recently for chapter officers, and I won the Vice-President position.  I am very excited about this…remember my Four Cornerstones post?  One cornerstone is professionalism in genealogy.  And that is exactly what APG and ICHAP promote.  I’m looking forward to taking a more active role in this great group and supporting professionalism as genealogists.  This is a very exciting opportunity!  If you’re in Indiana and a member of APG and would like to become involved, please let me know!  We hold meetings online through GoToMeeting and plan at least one face-to-face get-together a year.

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Webinar~Are You Ready to be a Professional Genealogist?

An APG webinar presented by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG

This is a question I ask myself daily, usually as I slog through hour after hour of back-breaking medical transcription. I love learning new things every day and producing quality documents…the politics of the MT business, though, are wearing on me. I’ve been busy preparing my website for research and hopefully transcribing oral histories. I need my day job, though, to support my hobby-hopefully-turned-new career. I hope to learn something from this webinar, maybe something I’m missing that needs to be done now, not later!

Is a professional genealogist:
* Public image, education, experience
* Certification or accreditation
* Common sense, know right from wrong
* Standards
* Common courtesy
* Ethical behavior, abide by APG Code of Ethics
* Advanced degree? Not necessarily!
* Working as a librarian? Working as medical transcriptionist (lots of daily research)
* Knowing and visiting every courthouse?
* Knowing every single website database? No way!
* Knowing German, Irish, Swedish, French, etc., ethnic groups?
* Knowing colonial research? Not necessarily!
* Knowing when to learn more or seek out referral? Yes!

Think of it in other situations where you might seek out a professional: auto mechanic, art appraiser, quilt maker, hair stylist, for example. Makes sense!

It is:
* Education
* Knowledge
* Experience
* More education…don’t be stagnant!
* Patience
* Networking
* Continuing education…must keep learning!

Learn about business rules and regulations or ask someone who knows!

Volunteer experience!

A genealogy professional is:
* Committed to performing at the highest level
* Committed to standards
* Committed to education
* Can be board-certified
* Can accept payment
* Courageous
* Today!

* Legal ramifications
* Don’t make promises you can’t keep
* Cite sources
* Don’t just “do over”
* Clear reports
* Stay within the limits

Can you:
* Be approached?
* Be followed?
* Still have fun?

Learned a lot from this webinar! It will soon be available to be watched on the APG website, free to the public, along with the handout. I definitely need to learn more about the actual business end of things now, not later.