Prompt #130

#130: Three small steps toward your goal.

My goal is to earn the title of Certified Genealogist (CG)SM.  The steps I’ve taken thus far to attain that goal include:

  1. Education.  Online classes through NGS, webinars, and seminars/conferences.  I’m happy to announce that in the near future I will begin the first of three online courses for genealogy research offered to DAR members with the help of my chapter.
  2. Expanded my research.  Researching as much as possible in surrounding counties and states.
  3. More writing! Writing up proof summaries and proof arguments.
  4. I’ll add one more thing: I’m putting together a PowerPoint about the steps to becoming certified.  Just doing that has helped me focus in on the different aspects of the portfolio and preparation for such.

NGS Course Completed!

I just finished my second NGS American Genealogical Studies course, Guide to Documentation and Source Citation, with a 95%.  One question on the final quiz tripped me up…now I know!  I feel a lot more confident in my citation-writing ability (it doesn’t hurt that I have Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained to help me too!).  I’m also paying closer attention to others’ citations, just so I can pick them apart.  This gives me practice in analyzing the document that person is citing to see how they crafted the citation.

Now that I’ve completed NGS AGS The Basics and the above, I can enroll in Beyond the Basics.  The courses are all cloud-based and very easy to navigate through Canvas Learning Management System by Instructure.  I was able to work on the course on my laptop or iPad, no problems at all.

I’m taking a short break from study and then it’s onto DAR yearbook! Love my Saturdays!


I graduated from high school and have some college under my belt, but that was years ago…so long ago that the credits wouldn’t even transfer now if I wanted them to.

I want to do something in genealogy. Maybe research for others? Maybe writing? Not teaching! Public speaking…ugh, my own personal hell. I wouldn’t mind mentoring, though.

Of course, I have looked into genealogical education. The National Genealogical Society (NGS), of which I am a proud member, offers a home study course. They are just now putting courses on the cloud so I’m starting there. My goal is to become a certified genealogist through evaluation by the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG). (Make note of all the acronyms; I will use them frequently.) You might note a recurring theme…I value certification in one’s chosen field. Once you apply to BCG to make them aware of your intentions, you have 1 year to complete your portfolio. If I ever title a post “On The Clock,” you’ll know my 1 year has begun.

What does concern me, though, is I notice a lot of professional genealogists have had previous illustrious careers. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t intimidate me. Lawyers, corporate executives, many folks with advanced degrees…all I am really good at is typing fast and looking stuff up.

Unfortunately, I am still working full-time in a job that really has no future. Those 40+ hours per week take up a significant amount of time, so I try to add 2-4 hours of genealogy per night, as if it were my part-time job. Goal: Full-time career!