Evidentia 2.0

In addition to Roots Magic 6, I’ve added Evidentia to my arsenal of genealogical tools. Evidentia is software that I discovered about a year or so ago. I’ve just now gotten around to installing it on my computer. It’s different from typical genealogical software in that you first document your sources and cite them, then catalog your claims, and then attach those claims to a subject, including conflicting evidence. At that point, you can analyze what you have and write out your summary or argument based on your claims. I have plenty of sources to add!

For more information, please check out:


Since I began this post, there has been a big update…Evidentia is now FamilySearch Certified! I can’t wait to start working with both!

German Burials

This is interesting…I’m following a thread on the APG mail list about German burial practices, burying more than one person in a grave with one headstone listing all those interred.

In my post about Paul Mayer, I mention the Two Mary’s. My 2nd-great-GF, Paul Mayer, was married twice before marrying my 2nd-great-GM.  His first and second wives were both named Mary and both died a couple years after they married Paul. He buried them together under one headstone in the same cemetery where he is buried with my 2nd-great-GM. This was in the mid 1860s so I imagine it was a cost effective device for him, not to mention something he was probably familiar with as he immigrated from Germany.

I was thinking…since I want this to be a genealogy/family history blog, my posts regarding something new I learn daily should be related to genealogy/family history in some way. Recently, they’ve been related to my current job as a medical transcriptionist. I need to start cutting ties to that job to move into genealogy full-time. With that being said…

I decided to check out BillionGraves.com today. I knew it was out there, but I’m typically a FindAGrave kinda girl. There is a free app through BillionGraves wherein you take a picture of a headstone in the app, then transcribe what the headstone says for indexing, and upload it. The app gives it GIS coordinates to map it for others to be able to find it. I am going to give it a whirl soon with my War of 1812 veteran. Why him, you ask? Well, he’s buried in my county, plus I received a notice about a joint project between BillionGraves and FGS today regarding War of 1812 soldiers’ graves. There is an ongoing push to preserve the War of 1812 pension documents, but they need money to do it. Luckily, my ancestor’s last name began with B, and his pension papers have been digitized and I garnered quite a bit of interesting information from them. I’ve donated to the cause but thought I would post something here to direct others to learn more about it.

War of 1812 project announcement:


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I did it!

finally started my very own blog…something I’ve been mulling over for at least 2 years. It took me that long to come up with a name for it! Right now, it will remain relatively simple while I learn and get my feet wet.

The important thing to note, though, is my metamorphosis from my present career, medical transcription, to hopefully my new career, something in genealogy. I want to take what I once considered a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby to the next level. I am currently attending as many conferences as I’m able, webinars, society functions, reading NGSQ articles and taking part in discussing said articles, and taking the cloud courses through NGS. More about that in future posts!

For right now, I’ll leave you with some info about my avatar pic. It was taken 25 years ago as I received my high school diploma, a citation for my descendants if you will.