FFF~Week #35

(Sorry, a little late getting this posted…made a quick trip to Owen County, IN, today to get a copy of Ailesann (Dyer) McGuire’s burial record! Also saw her and her husband’s headstone in person…lovely trip.)

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandmother (Elizabeth -Unk-)


  1. Born 28 August 1808 in Pennsylvania.
  2. Died 30 December 1894 in Sullivan County, IN.
  3. Possible maiden names: Death certificate for her daughter has mother’s maiden name as ‘Lutz’.  Another researcher has ‘Troxel’ or ‘Traxel’.  I’d like to see the marriage record; I might send off a request for it.
  4. I know she had 7 children: Unknown daughter, Sarah, Mary, Nancy, George, Theresa, and Ephraim.
  5. The Ammermans are not found on the 1850 census o a page-by-page assessment of Jackson Township, Sullivan County and Randolph Township, Tippecanoe County.  It is possible they were in the process of moving to from Tippecanoe County to Sullivan County when either Theresa or Ephraim was born, thus being missed on the census count.



Images above: Death certificate for Mary (Ammerman) Ford, wife of Lyman S. Ford; her mother’s name is listed as ‘Elizabeth Lutz’.

FFF~Week #34

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandfather (William Henry Ammerman)

Facts:  I’ve only begun researching Mr. Ammerman since I just found him a few months ago.  The one thing I can surmise at this time is he sure seemed to be a mover!

  1. Born 30 September 1792 in New York (per 1860 census).  Died 10 September 1872, buried at Bethel Cemetery in Sullivan County, IN.
  2. Married Elizabeth (possibly Lutz [on her death certificate] or Troxel) 23 December 1830 in Birmingham, Huntingdon Co., PA (info on FAG.com #38681811).
  3. I found a William Ammerman (transcribed as ‘Ammons’) on the 1840 census in Tippecanoe County, IN, with a wife and 4 young daughters, all under 10 years of age.
  4. First or second daughter, Sarah Maria, born in Canada in December 1835, according to the 1900 census (as well as other censuses corroborating the ‘born in Canada’ statement).
  5. Another daughter, Mary (my 2nd-great-GM), was born in Will County, Illinois, in April 1838.
  6. A third daughter, Nancy E., was born in Indiana on 6 October 1840.  I believe the 4th daughter from the 1840 census did not survive as I cannot find a marriage record for her or a record of death in Tippecanoe County.  As for the 1850 census, the Ammermans disappeared from it.  My best guess is they were relocating from Tippecanoe County to Sullivan County, which is where their 3 surviving daughters wed from 1853 through 1857, and got missed on the census.  Also, their last child, Ephraim, was born in 1850 in IN so that could be why they were missed.
  7. I’ve connected William as my 3rd-great-GF by his will, which names Lyman S. Ford and Mary Ammerman.
  8. I’d really like to be able to trace their trail from when they married in PA, to Canada, to IL, and finally to IN.  How interesting, and incredibly difficult, that must’ve been in the early 1830s.
  9. By the 1860 census, William was enumerated in Sullivan County, IN, along with wife Elizabeth and three additional children, George, born 1844 in IN, Theresa, born 1848 in IN, and Ephraim, born in 1850 in IN.

Hmm…I had more info on him than I thought!

FFF~Week #33

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandmother (Mary Hill)


  1. Married John Ford on 23 September 1831 in Gallia County, Ohio.
  2. On the 1840 census in Spencer County, Indiana, John Ford is listed living with a female age 20-29, putting Mary’s birth year approximately 1811-1820.  My best educated guess, using the year they wed, would put her birth year around 1810-1812.
  3. On the 1830 census for Gallia County, Ohio, the Hill heads of household who included a female of Mary’s age included: Betsey, Isaac, and Sarah.  And that’s presuming the Hill family lived in Gallia County as of 1830.  When I attended the OGS Annual Conference in April 2015 I did do some research on Hills in Gallia County.  I found Isaac Hill’s sons’ names but not his daughters’ names.
  4. According to family lore, John Ford and Mary Hill had 3 children together between the time they married, 1831, and the time he remarried in 1847.  Two of the children died, as did Mary.  Lyman S. Ford was born in 1832 and survived.  On the 1840 census, there is another child listed, a female under 5 years of age.  As for the third child, I’ve not yet found any piece of evidence about him/her.  Also, I have not yet found anything about Mary’s demise.
  5. Only 4 facts this time until I have the chance to flesh out the Hills of Gallia County.

One-Year Blogiversary

Time flies!

It’s nice to have basically an electronic journal of what I’ve done or attempted to do for the last year.  There were a couple slow months, I know.  I’ll take this time to list my achievements and goals for the next year.

What I Have Done (June 2014-June 2015)

Started this blog on 24 Jun 2014.

Approved for Society of Civil War Families of Indiana (SCWFI) (Civil War ancestor: Paul Mayer).

Approved for NSDAR (Patriot: Thomas Pearson).

Attended the OGS Conference.

Attended the IGS Conference.

Finished my indexing project.

Had a family reunion.

Began researching for a portion of my BCG portfolio.

What I Want to Do (June 2015- )

Start a local genealogy society (officially by 1 Jan 2016).

Volunteer more hours at local historical society.

Swearing-in ceremony for Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of INDAR (Sept 2015).

Create the yearbook for Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of INDAR (Sept 2015).

Attend regional INDAR meeting (Aug 2015).

Add two more of my ancestors to SCWFI (John Ford and Lyman S. Ford).

Begin working on NSDAR supplemental for William Ballard (born 1715).

Finish studies through NGS (got this in under the wire! Signed up for the NGS Guide to Documentation and Source Citation!).

Attend OGS Conference (Apr 2016).

Attend IGS Conference (Apr 2016).

Attend Midwestern Roots 2016 (July 2016).

Attend FGS Conference (Aug/Sept 2016).

Attend APG’s PMC (Sept 2016).

Join PALAM (Oct 2015).

Become an aunt again!! (July or August 2015)

Put together another family reunion (Oct 2016).

Go “on the clock”???

Apply for First Families of Ohio (James A. Fowler and his wife Elizabeth Devore).

My Experience Using a Pro Genealogist for Document Retrieval

Background: I’ve been wanting to order my 3rd-great-GF and 2nd-great-GF’s compiled military service records (CMSR) and Civil War pension records from NARA for some time now.  It was cost-prohibitive to me in that it would take literally months for my request to be filled and even then the people who are contracted to copy do just that, copy what’s in the file in whatever order it’s in (not really reading the article looking for further clues).  Not to mention the fact that I was concerned I’d send the wrong file numbers to NARA and waste my money.  So, on the advice of a member on the APG list to contact fellow APG members in the DC area willing to do lookups and searches at NARA, I did just that.

In 17 days, I had over 230 pages from the files of John Ford and Lyman S. Ford.  The genealogist I hired is Pamela Loos-Noji, Ph.D. who gave permission to share her name and services here.  My copies were sent to me via Dropbox, which I then saved to my computer.  Excellent copies of the documents and in order!  And, really, what I paid to Ms. Loos-Noji is comparable to what I would’ve paid NARA.

To put it mildly, I am thrilled!  So thrilled, in fact, that I will most likely use her services again in the future for my other ancestors with Civil War military history (I’m looking at you, Paul Mayer!).

jf_0046 Written by John Ford himself!

lyman_0078 One image from Lyman S. Ford’s file

I haven’t had time to explore all the images and analyze anything so I chose one of John’s in his own handwriting and a random image from Lyman’s file.

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the results.  Check out apgen.org if you need to find a pro to do some work for you!

FFF~Week #16

I am now moving onto my 2nd-great generation!

Ancestor: My paternal 2nd-great-grandfather (Lyman S. Ford)


  1. Born 25 July 1832 in Jackson County, Ohio, to John Ford and Mary Hill.
  2. Married Mary M. Ammerman in Sullivan County, Indiana, in 1855.
  3. Served 4 years in the 59th Indiana Voluntary Regiment, Co. C, in the Civil War, along with his father. Mustered out as sergeant.
  4. He used his middle initial ‘S’ frequently, said to have been a name of one of his father’s brothers, Sylvanus. Lyman was also the name of another of his father’s brothers. I have recently found that one of Lyman’s brothers-in-law, Ephraim Wolf Ammerman, named a son Lyman Sylvanus. Interesting!
  5. Died 18 Aug 1897 in Sullivan County, Indiana.

image This is the family plot for Lyman, Mary, and their 3 children who died young. Bethel Cemetery, Hymera, Indiana. Photo credit: Life/Citation