Saturday Night Genealogy Fun-Your Ancestors or Cousins Born on Your Birthdate

For all the details, see Mr. Randy Seaver’s post!

My birthday is 21 June 19–. The first day of summer. The longest day of the year. Am I a Gemini or Cancer? I’ve always identified with Gemini.

So, I used my RootsMagic7 program and came up with a list of birthdays. Eight were in June, none share 21 June. The closest to my birthday is my maternal grandfather’s sister, Beatrice Elizabeth Ballard, who was born on 17 June. My mother has her name as a middle name; Beatrice died as a young child. We named our stillborn daughter Isabella Bea. The others who share June birthdays with me include both my mom and dad, John Ford, Peyton Pearson (son of Thomas), and William Maxwell (my paternal grandmother’s father).

I’ll be keeping an eye out for an ancestor or collateral relative who shares my birthday!

August 18~I survived another one

Yesterday, I should’ve had an 8-year-old daughter.

In 2006, she was stillborn at full term.

Isabella Bea.

Every day since 18 August 2006, it has felt like something is missing from my life. Nothing fills the void but memories.

Life goes on, however. She has 2 older brothers I need to be here for. And they are why I’m still here today.