Webinar~How to Keep Your Volunteers Happy, Helpful, and Engaged

Offered through FGS, presented by Amy Johnson Crow, CG

I sat in on this webinar since I’m starting a genealogical society for my area of Indiana (BRVGS).  I wanted to learn more about volunteers of a group.  I have volunteered myself and could relate to a lot of what Ms. Crow discussed.

I hope to meet new interested people for our new local society.  People who have special skills to put to use, people who want to volunteer a little time to support their community, people who want to learn more about their family history and how to document what they find for future generations.

I’ll definitely be reviewing my notes as the first meetings of BRVGS commence!

2016 Plans

I checked my 2016 calendar and it is definitely shaping up to be a banner year!

In April, there is the IGS Conference and Society Management Seminar and the OGS Annual Conference.  In July, Midwestern Roots here in Indiana.  In August, the FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois.  In September, the APG Professional Management Conference.  This is not counting any DAR functions or special seminars, such as IHS genealogy sessions or the Indiana chapter of PALAM, which I hope to join to strengthen my German knowledge.  I need to start saving!

Something else I’ve been toying with is seeing what kind of interest there is in my neck of woods to have a local genealogy society.  We have a historical society/museum but not anything dedicated to specifically genealogy/family history. Just something I’ve been thinking about.  Not sure about the interest in this area.  At the Society Management Seminar this weekend, the Wabash Valley Genealogy Society stated that they advertised an informational meeting, expecting 5-6 people to show up…they had 60 turn out! WOW! If I do anything like that–and that’s a giant IF–it might be the first of August.  We’ll see!

I was thinking…since I want this to be a genealogy/family history blog, my posts regarding something new I learn daily should be related to genealogy/family history in some way. Recently, they’ve been related to my current job as a medical transcriptionist. I need to start cutting ties to that job to move into genealogy full-time. With that being said…

I decided to check out BillionGraves.com today. I knew it was out there, but I’m typically a FindAGrave kinda girl. There is a free app through BillionGraves wherein you take a picture of a headstone in the app, then transcribe what the headstone says for indexing, and upload it. The app gives it GIS coordinates to map it for others to be able to find it. I am going to give it a whirl soon with my War of 1812 veteran. Why him, you ask? Well, he’s buried in my county, plus I received a notice about a joint project between BillionGraves and FGS today regarding War of 1812 soldiers’ graves. There is an ongoing push to preserve the War of 1812 pension documents, but they need money to do it. Luckily, my ancestor’s last name began with B, and his pension papers have been digitized and I garnered quite a bit of interesting information from them. I’ve donated to the cause but thought I would post something here to direct others to learn more about it.

War of 1812 project announcement:


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