It’s truly amazing how time flies…where does it go?

It’s amazing how I never expected to be as busy as I am when I moved to part-time hours.  I’m busier now than I ever was working 40 hours/week.  It seems like I’ve created some sort of full-time genealogy/social media position and do a little transcription on the side.

It’s amazing how much I enjoy communicating via social media!  I love engaging people to talk about the Museum or my cousin’s art studio or genealogy in general.

It’s amazing how complete strangers can come together and work together to make something great happen.  And, it’s amazing how short-sighted people still are.

So, what have I been up to? … … …

I started this post on 16 September 2016.  It is amazing.

ECIGA is going strong…still holding monthly meetings and learning lots!

I’m almost finished with my third Genealogy Education Program course through the DAR, just waiting on my final graded assignment.  I then hope to hold a couple workshops this summer as I will be an official Volunteer Genealogist!

I’ve begun volunteering once a month at a local assisted-living facility, helping residents utilize to organize their genealogy and learn more.  I truly enjoy helping those folks out…what a blessing!  Our little group is called Project Pioneer.

I still volunteer and am on the Board at my local historical society…always looking for ways to get some exposure (check us out!).  Next on my agenda…learn to write grants to secure some much-needed funding!

I’ve been writing more and more and am feeling a lot more comfortable doing so.  With permission from folks I’ve helped, I might share some things here that I don’t plan on using in my BCG portfolio.

Speaking of which, once I get my son graduated in the next month, I plan to go “on the clock!”  I’ve been working on compiling the different parts of the portfolio and, as I mentioned above, am feeling more comfortable with writing and piecing information together coherently.  One thing I’m considering doing as a presentation is breaking down the Genealogist’s Code of Ethics that one must sign when completing a portfolio.  Not only do I want to sign it, but I also want to fully understand it and share that info with others.

I still work part-time from home as a medical transcriptionist.  However, it seems as though more often our workload runs low…most likely an effect of the work being sent to India or being replaced with point-and-click technology.  I urge people to carefully read reports they receive from their doctor to ensure the information is correct!  The human element of checks and balances regarding catching errors on medicolegal documents is going away so be aware of what is in your chart, at your doctor’s office, at the hospital you visit, at the clinic, anywhere or anyone who provides care for you.

That’s pretty much the update!  I’ll try to blog once weekly now, maybe every Sunday since that’s a quiet day for me, to keep up-to-date, especially when/if I go “on-the-clock.”

Before I go…this is AMAZING…check out Genes For Good, a Facebook app.  Participate in a few health-related surveys and receive a DNA kit and testing for free!  Offered through the University of Michigan. 🙂

Working on Pinterest

Lately, I’ve been adding a lot of content to three Pinterest sites:  My own, the one I’ve created for our museum, and the one I’ve created for Life/Citation.  There is so much neat and interesting content out there that it’s hard not to get trapped into just…looking and looking.  One thing that I decided to check out was blog prompts to liven up things here a bit.  In trying to be spontaneous, I chose a 365 blog prompt article and pinned it (check it out here).

Since I’m beginning at an odd place in the year and not on day #1, I guess I’ll go with what today is in terms of this year (out of 365 days).  Today is day #127.

Prompt #127:  Know-it-all: Write about something you are very knowledgeable about, for example a favorite hobby or passion of yours.

I’d like to say genealogy and researching family history, but, even after several years of doing such, I’m still a newbie! 🙂  What I do feel knowledgeable about is my first career of medical transcription (MT).  I’ve been doing this since November 1999 and have been certified since February 2004.  For a good 10-15 years, I did this job full-time plus and was involved in the national organization and local groups to keep up-to-date with my education and the field.  The thing that I loved the most about MT is learning something new every day.  At one point, I could not believe I was being paid — and paid fairly well — to do something I very much enjoyed.

The past 2-1/2 years, though, has dealt a crushing death-blow to MT, I’m sad to say.  My credentials expire this summer, and I’m letting them go.  There is no future in MT.  Technology has played a big role in the downfall of the career, and, sadly, that technology is not up to snuff by any means to completely replace a human editor.  It’s sad that something that was considered a career now only pays minimum wage…if you’re lucky.  If you want more objective information about the demise of MT, check out the free forum  Prepare to be depressed.

With that said, I’ve cut my hours to part-time.  The stress was not worth it.  I wanted to devote more time to my other passion, genealogy, so I cut some of the dead weight.  I still put in 20 hours per week doing MT, and my volunteerism has more than doubled.  I have three projects in the works at the museum, plus I do something for ECIGA nearly every day.

Maybe by the time #127 prompt rolls around again, I’ll write about genealogy!

Bonus: The creepy cloud picture…one of the first things I posted!


Keeping Me On My Toes!

Where have the last 3 months gone?  Here, it seems as if I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth…or at least blogosphere.  What’s been going on?  Let’s see…

  • ECIGA is off and running!
  • I’m a member of the historical society board so I’m putting more time in there.
  • Getting my part-time business ready to go.

Today at the historical society, however, I came across an article and a name jumped out at me, a name I had deciphered from an 1840 letter written from my 4th-great-grandfather to his son, Aaron Ballard.  The name was William Deatherage and was in an article about Charles A. Beard’s grandmother.

Background: Charles A. Beard was an early educator in Henry County, IN.  Charles was born in Henry County in 1874, a son of William Henry Harrison Beard and Mary Payne.  William Henry Harrison Beard’s mother was Caroline Martin, born in Guilford County, North Carolina, in the year 1812.  A sister of Caroline’s, Sallie/Sarah, married a William Deatherage, became Mormons, and moved to Missouri in 1850.

More background: Aaron Ballard’s father at one time lived in North Carolina.  In 1840, when the letter was written to Aaron, it was sent from Grayson County Courthouse in Virginia.  In it, Amos, Aaron’s father, wrote: “I have lately learned that Asa Ballard did not join them but three of his family did so your auld friend William Deatherage from Stokes gave me the information about Asa he was with me this spring and made inquiry about you.”

My first thought was I have to write about this!

ECIGA, our home-grown genealogy group, is coming along nicely.  We nearly have the entire year of 2016 planned out and are beginning to plant seeds for 2017! It’s still hard to believe this is actually happening!

Since I went part-time with my MT job, I’ve been volunteering more at the historical society.  We opened for the season the first Wednesday in March and guess what I did the couple days before that? Revamped the website, revived our Twitter page from the dead, and began an I Spy interaction on our FB page. Oddly enough, I’m the social media guru for them! I even presented an update at the last board meeting!  If you’re interested in the historical society, click here to go to their website.

And, I’ve been working on getting my other part-time business off the ground.  Consultant, research assistant, what have you…Life/Citation Genealogy Services is in biz.  Scary? Yep. Exciting? You bet! I put a small ad in our local “great deals” magazine, which advertises everything local and goes out to 14,400 households.  I’m on the research list on APG and IGS.  Trying to get my name out there.  Updating my website, FB, and Twitter (along with the museum’s).  Signed on with 17hats and Hootsuite to keep it altogether.

Don’t be surprised if you notice some changes to the blog…I’m thinking about a slight overhaul.  And that’s where I’ve been the last 3 months.

Almost forgot…I need to write an article…I’m thinking about how I used social media to pull our historical society into the 21st century. Thoughts??


ECIGA Visibility

My hometown holds a Christmas Walk in early December.  They close off a couple blocks of Main Street right in front of the courthouse and have all kinds of activities, food, and holiday fun for a couple hours.  This year, I signed up ECIGA for a vendor table, not to sell anything but just to spread the word about our new group.

We lucked out that there wasn’t any snow or rain…just held steady at about 34 degrees for the 4 hours we were there.  Thank goodness our table was a couple down from the music and we had a giant speaker placed right behind us, so we could dance to Christmas tunes to keep warm! On the other hand, there was really no way to talk to people who stopped by and asked what ECIGA is.  I did give away 48 lollipops attached to paper tree ornaments and 36 candy canes with ECIGA tags, plus all kinds of tiny candy canes for the kiddos.

image Before the sun went down…

image …and after! I love how Elmo stands out so brightly!

If I do this next year, I’ll have a generator and salamander and tablecloth!

2015xmaswalk3  2015xmaswalk2

ECIGA Update!

Big news on our society front! Membership applications will be accepted beginning 1 December 2015 (today!).  Check our website if interested in joining.  So far, there are people involved from the five counties we serve (Delaware, Hancock, Henry, Madison, and Randolph), which is wonderful.  We have a checking account and EIN (it feels like a “grown-up” society now).  We even have a newsletter name: ECIGA Voices and Vestiges.  I had to bold that title since I am so thrilled with it!  We even have door prizes for the first meeting!  I am finally able to delegate some of my “hats” to others (social media, membership, etc.) while still keeping involved.  I’m doing a membership push on 12/3/15 in my hometown and we have a final planning meeting on 12/11/15.  Our first actual meeting is 01/12/16, and I could not be more excited!!!

ECIGA logo 3

BRVGS is now…

East Central Indiana Genealogy Alliance! Or ECIGA.  Check out our website here.  Follow us on Twitter.  Follow the Facebook link on our website to like the page.  So very much has been happening with this project.  We serve five east-central Indiana counties: Delaware, Hancock, Henry, Madison, and Randolph.  Right now, we are planning for meetings to begin in January 2016.  We have the first four planned.  We have a membership application that we’ll be rolling out on December 1, 2015.  The major thing I need to do right now is set up a checking account so we can connect PayPal and Square to that.  Before I do a checking account, though, the bylaws must be approved.  I have been working like crazy on those, getting the wording just right, etc.  We’ve been trying a free platform for project management type things, Wiggio.  Technology is still scary to a lot of folks though so we just keep practicing.  I’m kind of afraid to bring up Trello!  We finally settled on a logo; now, I’m focused on newsletter type things.  I lost track of how many hats I’m wearing!

I have had such a wonderful reception from folks regarding this group.  Their knowledge and experience they bring to the table is phenomenal, and I am so thankful to have them on-board.

ECIGA logo 3

This project, plus my new appointment to the board of the Henry County Historical Society, has kept me insanely busy.  I made up 35 DAR Yearbooks, 15 for state officers and 20 for our chapter; created a notebook for ECIGA hard copy documents; and got a binder together for historical society business (not only did the gutters have to be replaced but the boiler went out…eek!).  I’ve had one contact since being named Henry County Genealogist so I helped out there, and I’ve been contacted to run over to Rush County to try to find some probate records.  No downtime for me! I’m helping plan the annual family Halloween party so that’s next on my agenda.  And, I still have to put in 40 hours at the day job.  Bear with me folks…I haven’t forgotten you!