FFF~Week #41

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandmother (Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Shanks)


  1. Born 13 February 1826 in Fauquier County, Virginia.
  2. Betsy was the daughter of William Shanks and Margaret Maddux.
  3. She married David Wood Maxwell on 2 June 1844 in Jackson County, Tennessee.
  4. She had 10 children:  Martha Ann, Margaret Frances, Joel Whitten, Jane Elizabeth, William Cullom, James Thomas, Tennessee Belle, Laura Josephine, Andrew McClain, and David Wood Jr.
  5. Died 9 May 1888 in Putnam County, TN.

Info obtained from here.

FFF~Week #40

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandfather (David Wood Maxwell)


  1. Born 5 March 1822 near Baxter in Jackson County, Tennessee (now Putnam County).
  2. Married Mary Elizabeth (“Betsy”) Shanks on 2 June 1844 in Jackson County, TN.
  3. Son of Samuel and Martha A. (Patton) Maxwell.
  4. Served in the Civil War for the Confederacy as a private, probably with the 1st Tennessee Light Artillery Battalion.
  5. Died on 24 August 1869 in Putnam County, TN.

Info found here.

FFF~Week #20

Ancestor: My paternal 2nd-great-grandfather (James T. Maxwell)


  1. Born 30 Aug 1857 in Tennessee.
  2. Married Martha Ann Harris in Tennessee.
  3. Died 4 Mar 1919 in Putnam County, Tennessee, buried in Harris Cemetery.
  4. Sometimes went by Thomas.
  5. Son of David Wood Maxwell and Mary E. Shanks.

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