FFF~Week #9

Ancestor: My paternal great-grandmother (Clara Criss Ford)


  1. She died fairly young (age 48) and her youngest son, my grandfather, was bothered by that.
  2. She was born in 1885 in Owen County, Indiana.
  3. Her parents were Jonathan and Susannah (McGuire) Criss.
  4. Possibly 8 siblings: William Emmitt, Frank, Oscar, Ross, Ezra, Harry, and May. There was a Benjamin, but he is only one on census at age 5 months, between William and Frank.
  5. There is a marriage license application for Clara and Joseph Varian Ford in Sullivan County, Indiana, on 1 Oct 1904, but no return…not sure where or if they were actually ever married. First child was born 4 years after they married.

IMG_0552 FullSizeRender

A postcard sent from Clara to Joe in Sep 1910.

FFF~Week #8

Ancestor: My paternal great-grandfather (Joseph Varian Ford)


  1. Went by the nickname ‘Joe’.
  2. Owned land in Indiana that had a coal mine on it.
  3. Married Clara Criss.
  4. He was the 7th of 10 children.
  5. Trying to track down his middle name ‘Varian’. One suggestion is Varian is connected to Joe’s paternal grandmother’s family in Ohio (her name was Mary Hill before marrying Joe’s grandfather, a possible Hill-Varian connection).