Prompt #141

I’ve missed some days! Since I moved to part-time hours at my day job, I have never been busier! In the last few days, I’ve had to present a DAR award and help with two school tours at the museum, keep up with the social media for the museum, and take care of a few things with ECIGA, such as getting our second newsletter out.  BUSY!

First of all, though, I need to publish a mea culpa…Joan Jett and the Blackhearts! Not the Heartbreakers. I’m old!

Today is day #141 of the year 2016.

#141: Which ancestor would I most like to meet and why.

This is actually really difficult. First of all, I don’t even know who all of my ancestors are! And, I’m sure all of the ones I do know about would be equally as informative and entertaining.  I most definitely would like to meet William Ballard (b: 1715) and find out who his parents are! He is my 6th-great-GF and lived in Virginia.  He is on my maternal side.  On my paternal side, I’d like to meet John Ford (b: 1809) and talk to him about his family and his travels.  Thirdly, I’d like to meet Ailesann (Dyer) McGuire (b: 1811).  I’d like to know who her parents and siblings are and what it was like growing up in newly-minted Indiana.


What ancestor would you like to meet? Share in the comments!

FFF~Week #24

My most sincere apologies for being absent lately.  I’ve been working hard on laying the groundwork for the new society (writing bylaws! creating a newsletter! planning a year’s worth of meetings!) and also I’ve begun writing some of my BCG Certification reports (not officially “on-the-clock” yet).  Plus, doing research for First Families of Ohio since learning my 4th-great-grandparents were in Ohio prior to 1820 (James A. Fowler and Elizabeth Devore in Butler County, OH) and doing research on my 4th-great-grandmother Ailesann (Dyer) McGuire, born in Indiana in 1811.

This week marks the change from paternal 2nd-greats to maternal 2nd-greats!

Ancestor: My maternal 2nd-great-grandfather (Amos Benton Ballard)


  1. Born on 24 February 1840 in Henry County, Indiana, on the Aaron Ballard farm in Jefferson Township.
  2. Was exempt from the 1862 Civil War draft due to a “heart condition.”
  3. Was a teacher, preacher, doctor, and dentist.
  4. Was married 3 times: Hester Ann Cripe, Olive Carver, and Hannah Katherine “Kate” Hanby.
  5. Graduated in 1873 from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery.

amoskate Amos Benton Ballard and Hannah Katherine Hanby, taken possibly around the time they married