Research Services

(Basic document retrieval and narratives)

East-Central Indiana genealogical research services includes:
Review of information provided by client
Formulation of research plan
Retrieval and analysis of evidence
Written report of findings, including negative findings
Recommendations for future research
Copies of documents as required

Hourly Fees:
Please contact me for information.
Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are charged.
Retainer required at time of contract.

Other reimbursable expenses:
Travel charges are negotiable (for counties outside East-Central Indiana).

Please keep in mind, some documents might not be extant.  A diligent search will be made, but there is always the possibility that a document was not filed, was misfiled, was lost in a courthouse fire or other disaster, etc.

East-Central Indiana counties include:
Delaware, Grant, Hancock, Henry, Jay, Madison, Randolph,
Rush, Tipton, and Wayne