Genealogical Resume

*Assistant Director, Henry County Historical Society, December 2017
*Medical Transcriptionist, November 1999-December 2017 (certified 2004-2015)
*Medical Records Clerk, March 1998-November 1999

Henry County (IN) Genealogist (through the Indiana Genealogical Society), 2015-

*  Member of Henry County Historical Society, June 2013-current; Board Member,
September 2015-
*  Member of Indiana Society of Pioneers, August 2013-
(Aaron Ballard as proven ancestor)
*  Member of Indiana Genealogical Society, August 2013-
*  Member of National Genealogical Society, September 2013-
*  Member of Association of Professional Genealogists, May 2014-
*  Member of Indiana Chapter of APG, current Vice President, 2015-
*  Member of Society of Civil War Families of Indiana, January 2015
(Paul Mayer as proven ancestor who fought in the Civil War)
*  Member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, April 2015
(Revolutionary War patriot Thomas Pearson, b: ca. 1750)

*  Federation of Genealogical Societies Fort Wayne Conference, August 2013
*  German Genealogical Society Spring Conference, April 2014
*  National Genealogical Society Family History Conference, Richmond, Virginia, May 2014
*  Indiana Historical Society, Midwestern Roots 2014, July/August 2014
*  Cave City (KY) Genealogical Symposium, August 2014
*  One-day Seminar featuring Lisa Alzo, MFA, covering Women, Oral History, Eastern European Research, Indianapolis, October 2014
*  Ohio Genealogical Society Annual Conference, April 2015
*  Indiana Genealogical Society Annual Conference and Society Management Seminar, April 2015
* Indiana Genealogical Society Annual Conference and Society Management Seminar, April 2016
* Indiana Genealogical Society, Society Management Seminar, April 2017
* Indiana Chapter Palatines to America Spring Meeting, April 2017 (German research)
* Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution Annual Conference, May 2017
*Indiana Genealogical Society, Society Management Seminar & Annual Conference, April 2018
*Federation of Genealogical Societies, August 2018

*  Gen Proof Study Group #22 (using Mastering Genealogical Proof by Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL), October and November 2013
*  National Genealogical Society American Genealogical Studies: The Basics, June-August 2014
*  National Genealogical Society American Genealogical Studies: Guide to Documentation and Source Citation, June-August 2015
* Genealogy Education Program, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution: Courses 1 and 2 completed in last quarter of 2016, currently in Course 3 (3 courses total in program)
* Independent study regarding different aspects of the Board for Certification of Genealogists portfolio for certification (plan to apply at some point after June 2017)
*  Numerous webinars, covering topics such as complex evidence, inferential evidence to find German ancestors in the United States, lineage specialty, personal historian specialty

In-depth research on the following maternal lines in my family:

*  Ballard (Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana)
*  Pearson (Virginia)
*  Mayer (Indiana, German records in the US)
*  Lichtenfels (Indiana, German records in the US)
*  Doyle (Ohio, Irish records in the US)
*  Fitzgerald (Ohio, Irish records in the US)
*  Abbott (Iowa, Indiana)

In-depth research on the following paternal lines in my family:

*  Ford (New York, Ohio, Indiana)
*  Ammerman (Indiana)
*  Criss (Indiana)
*  Hill (Ohio)
*  Morgareidge (Ohio)
*  Maxwell (Tennessee)
*  Cole (Tennessee)

Related research on collateral lines:

*  Sullivan (Ohio, Irish records in the US; maternal)
*  Carpenter (Ohio, West Virginia, Iowa; maternal)
*  Harter (Virginia, Indiana; maternal)


*  Volunteer at the Henry County Historical Society (2013-)
*  Social Media manager utilizing websites/blogs, Facebook, Twitter
*  Indexed the entire collection of Historicalogs for Henry County Historical Museum (2015)
*  Transcribed the Lick Creek Baptist Church register, 1837-1862 (2013)
* contributor/volunteer (2013-)
* Project Pioneer, a once-monthly group who meets at Senior Living at Forest Ridge in New Castle, Indiana: I meet with residents as a group and help guide them through creating their family tree on
*  Founder and President of the East Central Indiana Genealogy Alliance, August 2015
*DAR Correspondent Docent, 2018-