And by “flourish” I mean…

Scrapbooking is a form of art that I can wrap my head around and understand, unlike sewing (knots, I’m looking at you!).  I was not tooting my own horn as if I am an expert, but I am experienced and learning more every day!  I’m getting ready to place my first order for items to update tools I already own and looking at my calendar to carve out some time to hold a “crop.”

What’s a “crop”?  It’s where other people interested in scrapping get together and work on their albums.  They can bring their own supplies or use mine.  They can try out tools of mine to see if it’s something they’d like to add to their own stash.  Maybe pick up some new papers!  Paper Buffet, anyone?  More about that later.

I was thinking more about how scrapbooking relates to genealogy and another thought came to mind.  While scrapbooking, we are creating and saving memories for our future generations.  I would give anything for a scrap of information about my relatives who immigrated from Ireland and lived out the rest of their days in Cincinnati but nary a scrap to be found.  I guess it’s about leaving your legacy, accomplishments, failures, the good and the bad, what makes you YOU.  Put your thoughts down in your own handwriting next to a picture of yourself in an album that will stand the test of time and be there 200 years from now.