Amanda Kaye

Mandora~The nickname bestowed upon me by my late aunt, Judy.  She is the one who fostered in me a love of family history and lore…I owe it all to her!

What about me, you ask? Hmm…I want to know more about my ancestors and what they endured so I could be here now, writing this blog. They are my life citations, and I want to try to understand how they made me. I’ve been around for 40+ years, am divorced with a couple sons. I’ve been researching my family history for 13 years; I figured it was time to get serious about it. Nutshell! By the way, I might say things that make no sense whatsoever to the reader but are perfectly clear to the author.*

*see disclaimer.  See what I just did there?!

Life/Citation:  I consider my ancestors the citations to my life…somehow, some way, whatever they did in the past led me to this point in the present. I’ve done a lot of looking on the Internet, since 2003, for information on all these folks.  Not all research can be done on the internet, however.  Therefore, I have familiarized myself with the repositories of East-Central Indiana.

My experience and membership: 15+ years of in-depth genealogical research, collecting evidence and analyzing it. Attendance at a number of national and regional conferences, including FGS 2013, NGS 2014, Midwestern Roots 2014, Ohio Genealogical Society Annual Conference 2015, and Indiana Genealogical Society Annual Conference 2015, 2016, and 2018. I have completed NGS’ American Genealogical Studies Series-The Basics course and Documentation and Source Citation course and have attended numerous webinars, plus online study groups, e.g., Mastering Genealogical Proof by Thomas Jones and discussion groups covering NGSQ articles. Click on Genealogical Resume tab for more information.  I have also completed the Genealogy Education Program I, II, and III offered by the DAR.

I am a member of the Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution in Henry County, Indiana, since March 2015. In addition to that achievement, I have also been named the County Genealogist for Henry County, Indiana, through IGS’ County Genealogist program, as well as founding a regional genealogical society, East Central Indiana Genealogy Alliance, in August 2015.  I have been a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists since June 2014 and a member of the Indiana Chapter of APG for the last 2 years, holding the title of Vice President of that chapter.

Questions?  Feel free to ask:

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