My name is Kaye Ford…I am still your genealogist for East-Central Indiana!

June 2018 Update:  I have fulfilled one of my life’s goals…to change careers.  I am now the Executive Director of my local historical society and museum.  While I still am passionate about genealogy and family history, I have now added local history to my repertoire.  I am thrilled to take on this responsibility and hope to spend as many years in this position as I did as a medical transcriptionist. With that in mind, I’ll be publishing here some items I had planned on using for my professional genealogist certification portfolio.

One thing I know for sure…there is no shortage of work that needs to be done for the Museum!  First on a long list of goals is to inventory our entire collection into PastPerfect software.  Then, create a virtual exhibit as our Museum is not accessible to people with mobility challenges.  Next, we need to scan in our family files (documents and photos).  Finally, we need to digitize our extensive all-name index (presently housed on index cards in an actual card catalog).  Job security!

I am at a perfect place in my life for this job…it’s considered part-time so any extra time I spend at the Museum is volunteer time.  I’m not looking to retire any time soon, and I’m not looking to move into a full-time position at a larger facility.  I was born and raised in this county, and, although I know quite a bit about it, I do learn something new every single day.  My kids are young adults, so the “Mother Hen” aspect of my life has drastically reduced.

Sadly, however, I will be unable to do paid research, so I’ll be deleting those areas of my website. I will add Henry County (IN) resources and contact info for the Museum as we do have an excellent genealogy library.

I’ll update as often as possible about the ups and downs of a small house museum curator, director, and genealogist.