Living the Muze Life

One month down!!

Major accomplishment:  Migrated our entire membership from an Excel spreadsheet to PastPerfect!  Someone before me…years ago…imported a spreadsheet into the database…big no-no!  We have over 1500 entries…not huge, I know, but I never claimed we were.  After entering our membership, I went entry by entry to remove duplicate entries, make all addresses consistent, add titles, etc.  FINISHED TODAY!!  Included are all members, volunteers, staff, and folks interested in our organization, plus business contacts and other historical organizations.  Whew!  Now, onto entering our entire collection…

The very first entry was a World War I canteen:

Along with PastPerfect duties, I have also written a new policy regarding our copier, accepted several fascinating donations into our collection, given tours, fed a couple chipmunks (Chip I and Chip II, respectively), written two thank-you’s where I forgot to sign my name, came into the Muze to find a large framed hair wreath had fallen off the wall (that was today), and moved my computer twice.  I attended a fundraising workshop on my birthday and took a call about bugs on a Sunday.  I took pictures at our Memorial Day parade:

<– Our 1930 Chrysler!

And, the Muze hosted a paper rose workshop where we learned how to craft fancy flowers.  Our teacher made a rose bloom to resemble the American Beauty Rose, which used to be grown in New Castle in the 1910’s.

<– The blooms were said to have been the size of a dinner plate, and a dozen sold for $72!

Not bad for my first month!


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