Two-Year Blogiversary!

Big day today…#2 blogiversary! This is what I wrote last year and I’ll put updates in red:

Time flies! Oh, yes it does!

It’s nice to have basically an electronic journal of what I’ve done or attempted to do for the last year. There were a couple slow months, I know. I’ll take this time to list my achievements and goals for the next year. I still agree with all of the above.

What I Have Done (2015-2016)

Started this blog on 24 Jun 2014.

Became the county genealogist for Henry County through IGS in August 2015.

Became the newest board member of the Henry County Historical Society & Museum in September 2015.

General public meetings of ECIGA officially began in February 2016 (inclement weather canceled our very first meeting in January 2016).

Attended the IGS Conference in April 2016.

Sworn in to the Sarah Winston Henry DAR Chapter in April 2016.

Elected Vice President of the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (ICHAP), term begins 1 July 2016.

What I Want to Do (June 2015- )

Start a local genealogy society (officially by 1 Jan 2016). Did it!

Volunteer more hours at local historical society. Still doing so!

Swearing-in ceremony for Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of INDAR (Sept 2015). See above!

Create the yearbook for Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of INDAR (Sept 2015). Did it!

Attend regional INDAR meeting (Aug 2015). Unable to attend due to illness.

Add two more of my ancestors to SCWFI (John Ford and Lyman S. Ford). Still working on it!

Begin working on NSDAR supplemental for William Ballard (born 1715). Need to do!

Finish studies through NGS (got this in under the wire! Signed up for the NGS Guide to Documentation and Source Citation!). Did it!

Attend OGS Conference (Apr 2016). No time!

Attend IGS Conference (Apr 2016). See above!

Attend Midwestern Roots 2016 (July 2016). No time!

Attend FGS Conference (Aug/Sept 2016). No time!

Attend APG’s PMC (Sept 2016). Really want to go but the Bicentennial Torch Relay goes through Henry County the day after and I don’t think I can squeeze both in.

Join PALAM (Oct 2015). Need to do!

Become an aunt again!! (July or August 2015) Did it!

Put together another family reunion (Oct 2016). Need to do!

Go “on the clock”??? Not yet!

Apply for First Families of Ohio (James A. Fowler and his wife Elizabeth Devore). Need to do!

What I Want To Do (June 2016- )!

All of the above items marked ‘need to do’!

Practice writing proof summaries and proof arguments.

Write article for IGS Quarterly.

Complete yearbook for Sarah Winston Henry DAR Chapter.

Attend District INDAR meeting (August 2016).

Begin genealogical courses through DAR.

Attend IGS Annual Conference (April 2017).

Order syllabi and/or presentations from FGS 2016 and APG PMC 2016.

Here’s to another great year!

2 thoughts on “Two-Year Blogiversary!

  1. Muriel Pearson says:

    I have a copy of a document making reference to Thomas Pearson , 1792. I’d like to share with you. Was sent to me in 1994 and I just came across it again.Pearson is my maiden name…i like it so much, I reverted back to it when divorcing!
    I am in North Carolina and have bee a member of the DAR since1978.
    .joined as a Junior Member. If you will send me your address and phone number via private message, i’ll share this info with you, happily!

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