Prompt #146

Prompt #146: Names

a. Given name.

b. Possible names before you were born.

c. If I could choose any name for myself now, what would it be?

a. My given name is Amanda Kaye.

b. My Mom has told me that she considered Abigail or Sebastian if I were a boy.

c. This one is tough. I’m fine with Kaye as a middle name, always have been.  Maybe Corinne? Corinne Caye? I also like Julia. Julia Kaye. I don’t think it’s coincidence that those are forms of two of my three nieces’ names! What the heck, Lyndsay. Lyndsay Kaye. Or Linsy Kaye.  That is a difficult thing to consider, renaming yourself at this stage of your life.  Give it a try!

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