Question About Footnotes…

Writing reports is so much different on the computer than on a typewriter or by hand.  This is my question: When writing your report (I use MS Word 2010), do you write the complete report and then add your footnotes? Or add the footnotes as you write? I’m leaning toward the former. What say you?

7 thoughts on “Question About Footnotes…

    • Thanks for your input! Is it an issue when you need to re-word something or if you decide to move the statement to another location? I guess you’d just re-add the footnote since it’s already saved in a master list, correct?

  1. Alex, Readingtoomuch says:

    I add the footnotes as I write, which saves A LOT of headache later. Also, I make the footnote complete and perfect as I write. Some of my former colleagues used to put, “Title, date,” and then intend to fill it out in full later. To me, this is a recipe for disaster. You could lose something, forget, etc. Also, when I’m done writing, I want to be done for real – I don’t want to have to go back and add eighty footnotes.

    • Thanks! I was reviewing a couple reports last night that I had written some months ago. On one, I added footnotes as I wrote it. On the other, I just wrote the report and planned to add footnotes to the master list and pull them where I needed to add them. Also, in looking at these reports after some time, I made some revisions. I wish I could share them but if I use them in a portfolio I can’t until after I submit the portfolio. 🙂

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