Keeping Me On My Toes!

Where have the last 3 months gone?  Here, it seems as if I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth…or at least blogosphere.  What’s been going on?  Let’s see…

  • ECIGA is off and running!
  • I’m a member of the historical society board so I’m putting more time in there.
  • Getting my part-time business ready to go.

Today at the historical society, however, I came across an article and a name jumped out at me, a name I had deciphered from an 1840 letter written from my 4th-great-grandfather to his son, Aaron Ballard.  The name was William Deatherage and was in an article about Charles A. Beard’s grandmother.

Background: Charles A. Beard was an early educator in Henry County, IN.  Charles was born in Henry County in 1874, a son of William Henry Harrison Beard and Mary Payne.  William Henry Harrison Beard’s mother was Caroline Martin, born in Guilford County, North Carolina, in the year 1812.  A sister of Caroline’s, Sallie/Sarah, married a William Deatherage, became Mormons, and moved to Missouri in 1850.

More background: Aaron Ballard’s father at one time lived in North Carolina.  In 1840, when the letter was written to Aaron, it was sent from Grayson County Courthouse in Virginia.  In it, Amos, Aaron’s father, wrote: “I have lately learned that Asa Ballard did not join them but three of his family did so your auld friend William Deatherage from Stokes gave me the information about Asa he was with me this spring and made inquiry about you.”

My first thought was I have to write about this!

ECIGA, our home-grown genealogy group, is coming along nicely.  We nearly have the entire year of 2016 planned out and are beginning to plant seeds for 2017! It’s still hard to believe this is actually happening!

Since I went part-time with my MT job, I’ve been volunteering more at the historical society.  We opened for the season the first Wednesday in March and guess what I did the couple days before that? Revamped the website, revived our Twitter page from the dead, and began an I Spy interaction on our FB page. Oddly enough, I’m the social media guru for them! I even presented an update at the last board meeting!  If you’re interested in the historical society, click here to go to their website.

And, I’ve been working on getting my other part-time business off the ground.  Consultant, research assistant, what have you…Life/Citation Genealogy Services is in biz.  Scary? Yep. Exciting? You bet! I put a small ad in our local “great deals” magazine, which advertises everything local and goes out to 14,400 households.  I’m on the research list on APG and IGS.  Trying to get my name out there.  Updating my website, FB, and Twitter (along with the museum’s).  Signed on with 17hats and Hootsuite to keep it altogether.

Don’t be surprised if you notice some changes to the blog…I’m thinking about a slight overhaul.  And that’s where I’ve been the last 3 months.

Almost forgot…I need to write an article…I’m thinking about how I used social media to pull our historical society into the 21st century. Thoughts??


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