Fun Holiday Weekend & Big Announcement!

The weekend before Christmas went by in a flash, a whirlwind of fun holiday events that kept me on my toes.

It started with the last planning meeting for ECIGA.  We’ve had 4 organizational meetings thus far in 4 different counties.  Our group serves 5 counties, and the very first meeting was in my home county but it was more of a “do we want to attempt this?” type meeting, not planning.  We have, I believe, 10 charter members in good standing and nearly all of our officer/director positions filled.  We are 30 days out from our very first meeting so now it’s time to really spread the word.  If interested, please check out ECIGA.

The next day, I attended my DAR chapter Christmas meeting, held at the local historical society where we enjoyed dessert treats and listened to the Madrigal Choir from the high school.  Last year I attended this also and that was the day I turned in my DAR application, so it’s been 1 full year now that I’ve been part of the chapter.  The ladies of the chapter are dear to me, charming and full of knowledge.

From desserts, I met up with my family for our annual Christmas get-together at a popular pizza joint where I had supper (my meals have been haphazard this weekend!).  It’s a combined dinner to celebrate Christmas and our December birthdays.  This year, we decided that instead of all the adults buying all the other adults gifts, we’d have a contest at Thanksgiving and whoever won that contest would be the recipient of a Christmas gift that the losers all pitched in on.  The contest was the ugliest Christmas sweater, which my Mom won.  Her gift?  A girl’s night out with her 3 daughters and niece (and wee baby grandson since he’ll only be about 6-7 months old). She wants to see the house where Michael Jackson lived in Gary, IN, so we’ll take her there and then over to Amish land in Shipshewana.  Should be interesting!

IMG_1014 Typical selfie.

The next day was the Christmas Open House for our historical society.  We open up the museum for guests to come tour if they’d like, enjoy some light snacks, and listen to one of our local talents play Christmas carols on the historic Jesse French piano.  An absolutely lovely day…the weather was actually springlike, the guests were wonderful, and so nice to open the museum for a fun holiday party.  The museum will be open for 1 more week, then close for January and February.

FullSizeRender(6) Bust of Benjamin S. Parker and the Christmas tree.

My big news: I’m scaling back my hours at my day job to part-time (20 hours per week) to focus more on taking clients for research and volunteering at the historical society.  My job is based on production so I’ll have to work hard to produce what I do in 40 hours, but I feel I’ll gain a better balance overall between work and life.  This year I have Christmas Day and the day after off work so I’m working on my business website.  Once accomplished, I’ll post the information.

Merry Christmas all.

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