A 26-year-old Regret

I need to get this off my chest.  It’s been haunting me since 1989.


That peach-and-green monstrosity above is the cover of my high school senior yearbook.  Of which I was the editor.


Did I approve that cover? That theme?  Those colors?  Absolutely not. I was steam-rolled by the yearbook adviser, the journalism teacher.

The summer before my senior year I attended a journalism camp at Indiana University-Bloomington, specifically for yearbook editors.  There, I learned about themes and had one ready to present.  The theme was “Check It Out” using black and white as background colors and splashes of color throughout the book as highlights.  And, of course, checkmarks.  Peach and green was the “thing” then and the yearbook adviser decided to go with this and wouldn’t hear out my suggestions or objections.

All motivation and excitement I had for creating the book was gone.  I hated the putrid peach and ugly green, the lengthy title, just everything about it.  I continued my duties as editor that year but could never get on-board with anything related to the yearbook and just rubber-stamped any decisions or suggestions.  It was one of those situations where I could not have cared less.  And obviously the above picture reflects that as the cover is messy (actually that’s my second copy; I also have an autographed one).  Maybe I should thank the adviser for the real-life training, kind of what it’s like to deal with a boss.

This is just one of the odd things in my life that I wanted to leave behind, so someone knows it wasn’t my decision to go with such a horrific yearbook theme.

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