ECIGA Visibility

My hometown holds a Christmas Walk in early December.  They close off a couple blocks of Main Street right in front of the courthouse and have all kinds of activities, food, and holiday fun for a couple hours.  This year, I signed up ECIGA for a vendor table, not to sell anything but just to spread the word about our new group.

We lucked out that there wasn’t any snow or rain…just held steady at about 34 degrees for the 4 hours we were there.  Thank goodness our table was a couple down from the music and we had a giant speaker placed right behind us, so we could dance to Christmas tunes to keep warm! On the other hand, there was really no way to talk to people who stopped by and asked what ECIGA is.  I did give away 48 lollipops attached to paper tree ornaments and 36 candy canes with ECIGA tags, plus all kinds of tiny candy canes for the kiddos.

image Before the sun went down…

image …and after! I love how Elmo stands out so brightly!

If I do this next year, I’ll have a generator and salamander and tablecloth!

2015xmaswalk3  2015xmaswalk2

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