It was announced today that would retire its Family Tree Maker as of 31 December 2015, providing support for current users through January 2017.

Long ago, in 2003, I owned FTM.  Life got in the way and I stopped using it.  In the past couple years, I began using RootsMagic7, mainly because using Ancestry was too costly for me.

Do any of my readers use FTM?  If so, how do you feel about this development?


7 thoughts on “ Announcement

  1. David says:

    I read of this too. As a user of Family Tree Maker, I have found it good – but not all that special. I have almost 9500 names of family and kin on it, and I am going to be changing from FamilyTree Maker. I am going to Legacy. I had my then tree with it, and found it good. Quite frankly, none of us need They are all about money, and little about their customers. All my data has not come from then, and now none will. I had been using Legacy, but a cousin gave me a copy of all his records, and he used Family Tree Maker. I started using it too. Now – I am going back to Legacy. And won’t be using

    Other than greed – there seems little sense to the decision given today. However, they can keep themselves. I don’t need them.

    • When I had a subscription way back in the early 2000s, it seemed to be a value. When I returned to it a few years ago, I found there was no way I could afford it. Therefore, I began teaching myself and finding elusive records on my own. I did purchase RM7 and have been happy with it. I was wondering if people who use FTM can use a GEDCOM file to switch? I don’t know that much about GEDCOMs, though.

      • David Murray says:

        First – sorry for the terrible proofing.  I normally write better than my comment.  I am self-trained myself.  Gedcoms….I will see.  I hope I can transfer all the data to Legacy via that route.  I hate the thought of manual copy of all that data.  But, we must do what we must. Overall, I got nothing from Ancestry.  It’s all about the money.  I rather liked Legacy anyway.  I guess I will be dropping my account with them soon.  I have had a concern growing about all my data in just one format.  This will be a good time to work on that.  But, they are not needed.  Anyway, the core of my work now was moving in the direction of my deep family tree, and all that follows Europe’s history anyway.  You don’t need Ancestry for that material. If I come up with any helpful hints about GEDCOM – I will try to past them on.

      • I try to find a silver lining in any change…after the initial shock. Even though this doesn’t directly affect me, I see a learning opportunity in it. The only way I use Ancestry is through the library version…love my library! 🙂

      • David Murray says:

        Indeed. 🙂 Must say – however; far better to get one’s own copy, and not trust it – to ‘the cloud’. Well, I gotten Legacy and RootsMagic. I was thinking of something like this anyway. One thing sad – for others; I was about to chart out my relations from Edward III, and that would have included a lot of material on the York and Lancaster branches. And I include image research. Now – others won’t have access on all that online at

        Oh – BTW – I grew up in Richmond, Ind. It’s been fun reading your entries. I doubt we are related, but fun seeing another side to the area.

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