ECIGA Update!

Big news on our society front! Membership applications will be accepted beginning 1 December 2015 (today!).  Check our website if interested in joining.  So far, there are people involved from the five counties we serve (Delaware, Hancock, Henry, Madison, and Randolph), which is wonderful.  We have a checking account and EIN (it feels like a “grown-up” society now).  We even have a newsletter name: ECIGA Voices and Vestiges.  I had to bold that title since I am so thrilled with it!  We even have door prizes for the first meeting!  I am finally able to delegate some of my “hats” to others (social media, membership, etc.) while still keeping involved.  I’m doing a membership push on 12/3/15 in my hometown and we have a final planning meeting on 12/11/15.  Our first actual meeting is 01/12/16, and I could not be more excited!!!

ECIGA logo 3

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