Saturday Night Genealogy Fun~What Were You Doing in 1985?

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Technically, on 24 October 1985, I was 14 years, 4 months, and 3 days old.  Just about the same age as my youngest son is now.  I don’t recall being such a handful at that age as he is.  I was the oldest of 2 girls.  I would’ve been in the ninth grade, and, at that time, it was considered junior high school, not high school.  I recall trudging through classes and homework.  Michael Jackson and Duran Duran were popular bands, but I still liked groups like the Eagles and ELO and Meatloaf.  I was on the school newspaper.  And I attended my first prom that school year (but that was 1986 so forget I mentioned it). Not really interested in my family history, though that would’ve given me something to do! No internet then.  We had gigantic computers at school where the hard drive and monitor were all one piece.  No home PCs yet.  I was the rare kid, I guess, who actually went to the library and read every Stephen King novel I could get my hands on.

image Okay, picture from first prom, April 1986, taken by my late aunt

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