Butler County Genealogical Society (Ohio) Genealogy Roadshow!

I’m so excited to announce this!  I knew my 2nd-great-grandmother, Hannah Katherine Hanby, was born in Darrtown, Butler County, Ohio.  Her mother, Hannah Ann Fowler, had also been born in Butler County.  Hannah Ann’s parents, James Fowler and Elizabeth DeVore, were married in Butler County in 1808 on July 21. I had been curious for some time as why Hannah Ann had left Ohio around age 13-14 and then married William Hanby in Marion County, Indiana, in the mid 1830s.  After a few years, William and Hannah Ann returned to Darrtown where Hannah Katherine was born.  Then, when Hannah Katherine was around 7 years of age, the Hanbys returned to Indiana and settled in New Lisbon, Henry County, Indiana.

So, I did some research on James Fowler and Elizabeth DeVore, my 5th-great-grandparents. I have found the record of their marriage and James’ will.  In his will, James listed all of his children and their spouses and what he left them was property in Darrtown.

I applied to the Roadshow and was accepted!  I asked if they could help find the old properties, or even pictures of them, so I could have an idea where these ancestors lived.  I’m so thrilled!  The program is on November 17, and I’ve made plans to be there, including a drive through Darrtown!

fowler devore marriage cert 1808 fowler james will p1

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