BRVGS is now…

East Central Indiana Genealogy Alliance! Or ECIGA.  Check out our website here.  Follow us on Twitter.  Follow the Facebook link on our website to like the page.  So very much has been happening with this project.  We serve five east-central Indiana counties: Delaware, Hancock, Henry, Madison, and Randolph.  Right now, we are planning for meetings to begin in January 2016.  We have the first four planned.  We have a membership application that we’ll be rolling out on December 1, 2015.  The major thing I need to do right now is set up a checking account so we can connect PayPal and Square to that.  Before I do a checking account, though, the bylaws must be approved.  I have been working like crazy on those, getting the wording just right, etc.  We’ve been trying a free platform for project management type things, Wiggio.  Technology is still scary to a lot of folks though so we just keep practicing.  I’m kind of afraid to bring up Trello!  We finally settled on a logo; now, I’m focused on newsletter type things.  I lost track of how many hats I’m wearing!

I have had such a wonderful reception from folks regarding this group.  Their knowledge and experience they bring to the table is phenomenal, and I am so thankful to have them on-board.

ECIGA logo 3

This project, plus my new appointment to the board of the Henry County Historical Society, has kept me insanely busy.  I made up 35 DAR Yearbooks, 15 for state officers and 20 for our chapter; created a notebook for ECIGA hard copy documents; and got a binder together for historical society business (not only did the gutters have to be replaced but the boiler went out…eek!).  I’ve had one contact since being named Henry County Genealogist so I helped out there, and I’ve been contacted to run over to Rush County to try to find some probate records.  No downtime for me! I’m helping plan the annual family Halloween party so that’s next on my agenda.  And, I still have to put in 40 hours at the day job.  Bear with me folks…I haven’t forgotten you!

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