Happy Announcement!

The Indiana Genealogical Society has a County Genealogist program in place.  Volunteers apply for the position and, once approved, remain in that position for 2 years.  My home county of Henry did not have a designated genealogist.  They do now!

I have just been approved as the Henry County genealogist for the IGS County Genealogist program.  It is an entirely volunteer position that I am thrilled and honored to hold.  I have a list of local repositories, their phone numbers and websites, ready to go.  One of my responsibilities is to write an article for the IGS Quarterly once a year…already have started one for 2015!

I am indebted to two ladies who believed enough in my skill for local research that they kindly wrote letters of referral for me, Ms. Elizabeth Edstene, Executive Director of HCHS, and Ms. Marianne Hughes, registar of the Sarah Winston Henry Chapter of the DAR, most recently the regent for several years.  I thank both ladies from the bottom of my heart.

Also newsworthy, I have been approved to be a member of the board of our local historical society, the Henry County Historical Society and Museum.  Also too much excitement in my genealogical world!!

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