FFF~Week #34

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandfather (William Henry Ammerman)

Facts:  I’ve only begun researching Mr. Ammerman since I just found him a few months ago.  The one thing I can surmise at this time is he sure seemed to be a mover!

  1. Born 30 September 1792 in New York (per 1860 census).  Died 10 September 1872, buried at Bethel Cemetery in Sullivan County, IN.
  2. Married Elizabeth (possibly Lutz [on her death certificate] or Troxel) 23 December 1830 in Birmingham, Huntingdon Co., PA (info on FAG.com #38681811).
  3. I found a William Ammerman (transcribed as ‘Ammons’) on the 1840 census in Tippecanoe County, IN, with a wife and 4 young daughters, all under 10 years of age.
  4. First or second daughter, Sarah Maria, born in Canada in December 1835, according to the 1900 census (as well as other censuses corroborating the ‘born in Canada’ statement).
  5. Another daughter, Mary (my 2nd-great-GM), was born in Will County, Illinois, in April 1838.
  6. A third daughter, Nancy E., was born in Indiana on 6 October 1840.  I believe the 4th daughter from the 1840 census did not survive as I cannot find a marriage record for her or a record of death in Tippecanoe County.  As for the 1850 census, the Ammermans disappeared from it.  My best guess is they were relocating from Tippecanoe County to Sullivan County, which is where their 3 surviving daughters wed from 1853 through 1857, and got missed on the census.  Also, their last child, Ephraim, was born in 1850 in IN so that could be why they were missed.
  7. I’ve connected William as my 3rd-great-GF by his will, which names Lyman S. Ford and Mary Ammerman.
  8. I’d really like to be able to trace their trail from when they married in PA, to Canada, to IL, and finally to IN.  How interesting, and incredibly difficult, that must’ve been in the early 1830s.
  9. By the 1860 census, William was enumerated in Sullivan County, IN, along with wife Elizabeth and three additional children, George, born 1844 in IN, Theresa, born 1848 in IN, and Ephraim, born in 1850 in IN.

Hmm…I had more info on him than I thought!

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