FFF~Week #32

Ancestor: My paternal 3rd-great-grandfather (John Ford)

Facts:  I’ve discussed John Ford before, a very interesting person.  Since posting about him prior, I’ve received his CMSR (Compiled Military Service Record) and pension records from NARA.  Those were very enlightening.  I learned about an injury he incurred while in Cartersville, Georgia, in 1864 where a mule kicked him in the thigh/groin, which incapacitated him for basically the rest of his life.  One of the deponents to his pension case was Nathan Hinkle, a Revolutionary War patriot, who also lived in Sullivan County, Indiana.

jf_0046 Letter written by John Ford, found in his pension file

2 thoughts on “FFF~Week #32

    • Only that they were Nathan Ford and Prudence Bennett. I have no solid proof of that, though. I did find a Nathaniel Ford buying land from an Archibald Bennett in Genesee County, NY, in 1816 and followed Archibald Bennett’s life forward. Interstingly, Archibald Bennett settled in Decatur County, IN, and from there applied for his Rev War pension. One of the men who attested to his date of birth/age was a John Ford, in 1836 I believe. However, I found that that John Ford was an older John Ford than the John Ford I wrote about. There might still be some connection, I think. I really need to search records in New York. 🙂

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