FFF~Week #31

Ancestor: My maternal 2nd-great-grandmother (Catherine “Kate” Fitzgerald) (last of my 2nd-great-grandparents)


  1. Born in Pennsylvania (possibly Pittsburgh) on 12 April 1854 to James Fitzgerald and Mary Sullivan.
  2. Had an older brother named John Fitzgerald who was born in England about 1851 (he was living with Kate and her husband John on the 1910 census).
  3. Died 16 January 1916 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is buried alongside her husband and 3 sons; she is the only one with a headstone.
  4. Family lore states that Julia Gentle, the 5th child born to John and Kate, was their last child.  However, I believe John and Kate had 2 more children after Julia, Harry and Hazel, both of whom died young.  While searching on the New St. Joseph Cemetery website, I found Hazel buried with other Doyles, listing her parents as “John and Catherine.”  Harry was born in 1885 and died at 7 months old in April 1886; I found his death certificate online.  Hazel was born in 1888 and died in February 1892, buried in John’s father’s plot.  I also found her birth and death certificate.  Her birth certificate listed her mother as “Katie” born in “Pitt.”
  5. I know Cincinnati has their old city directories online and searchable.  So, I wondered if Pittburgh might have something similar.  They do!  I was able to search the 1856-57 directory and found a James Fitzgerald.  It’s a start!

record-image (1)



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