FFF~Week #29

Ancestor: My maternal 2nd-great-grandmother (Caroline (Lichtenfels) Hammann Mayer)

Facts: I’ve written about Caroline before (here).  I am still trying to work back to her German roots through her father, John Lichtenfels, and mother, Eva Baetz.  I was going through my Evernote notes and came across this:

On CastleGarden.org:
Joh.Fredk. Lichte, age 34, occupation: baker, ship: Phoneix; arrived: 15 Mar 1834; port of departure: Bremen; country of birth: Germany (this gives me a fourth first name for John: John, middle initial C, John Henry on his will, and now John Frederick).
Eva Betz, age 24, occupation: unk; ship: Annawon; arrived: 28 Jul 1834; port of departure: Bremen; country of birth: Germany (was Eva married in Germany before immigrating? Or did she have a child out of wedlock? Her headstone lists her name as Eva Batz Drapert.)
George A. Betz, age 2, child/youngster; ship: Annawon; arrived 28 Jul 1834; port of departure: Bremen; country of birth: Germany
Also, Gottlieb Lichtenfels must’ve joined John at a later date in Ohio because he was married in 1849 in Montgomery County, OH. John and Eva’s first child together, Mary, was born in 1838 in Ohio.
Gottlieb Lidenfeld in 1846, age 24, on CastleGarden.org
On 1860 census, a George Batz is listed as living with Paul and Eva Drapert. He is age 24, born in Bavaria, and has $1000 (value of personal estate). By 1868, he has married a Caroline Vebel/Fobel. I have seen children George, Mary, Joseph.
I’m curious if Eva Baetz was an unwed mother.  Her headstone names her as “Eva Drabert Geb. Eva Batz.”

Photo by Life/Citation

I’ve slipped off onto a tangent here.  Back to Caroline, I wonder what she was like.  She lost 2 of her first 4 children (with her first husband) and then he died while in Germany.  She then met and married Paul Mayer, himself a widower twice over at that point.  I have Catholic church records from the church they attended in Richmond, Indiana; I just need to get better at reading German.

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