FFF~Week #28

Ancestor: My maternal 2nd-great-grandfather (Paul Mayer)

Facts: I’ve discussed Paul Mayer in great detail in earlier posts (one is here).  You can also use the search feature to find more about him.  Still no headway on finding his parents.  Right now, I’m working on a possible connection between Paul and another man named Mayer who came to Indiana at roughly the same time, Anton Mayer.  I did find Paul’s immigration, and he migrated with a younger man by the name of Anton.  The Anton Mayer who came to Indiana is a different Anton, but I have found his father’s name, Bartholomew.  My hope is that Paul and, I presume, his brother Anton are possible cousins to Anton in Indiana.  The Anton who immigrated with Paul remained in Cincinnati for the rest of his life, I’ve found.  Bartholomew, then, would be my Paul and Anton’s uncle.  So, who are Bartholomew’s siblings?

I’ll have to pick up this line of research after my new society gets off the ground.  I might use this case as an example in German research. Note to self: Add that to list of topics!

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