Webinar~Truth or Fiction: Unraveling a Family Yarn

Another terrific webinar in the BCG series, presented by Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG.

This webinar explored taking a family tale, handed down generation by generation, and proving or disproving it.  It was a very fascinating case study to dissect, and Ms. McMillin took us through it step by step.

Start with what you know and use the GPS.

I have a couple family yarns that I’ve been told.  I’ve disproved one of them, which opened up more questions than answered questions.  Another one of my family yarns is going to take some serious in-depth research to unravel.

After recording what you’ve been told, start digging into the resources, any and all that you think might be pertinent to proving the family story.  Newspapers, church records, civil records, land records, etc.  Then, compare what you’ve found to what you’ve been told and see how the story lines up.  Sometimes, you’ll find surprises in the research.

Thanks again to BCG and Ms. McMillin for providing a great educational program!

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