Sullivan County, Indiana, Research

Visited the:

* County Health Department to check on 4 death certificates. Hit paydirt with one. The other 3 had no death certs even though they died 20 years after the one I did receive! Odd. The one I did receive was for Mary (Ammerman) Ford. Gave me a date of death, age at death, place of birth (Illinois), and name of mother (Elizabeth Lutz; I’ve seen the possibility of Troxell or Taxell online but unsourced so Lutz might be a good hint).

* Public Library to recheck family files. Still no luck with Ford or Ammerman.

* Historical Society to see what they had. Very helpful ladies who pulled Ford and Ammerman files for me. Nothing new that I hadn’t seen before. I left my name and contact info in case someone comes in doing the same line of research as me.

* Courthouse to get actual copies of 4 documents I had found online. I had the book and page numbers for said documents. I found 2 easily enough. However, the other 2 sent me to the basement.

IMG_0758 Rows upon rows in a locked room in the basement of records. Did I find the 2 ledgers I sought? No! And I went up and down each aisle. The farther into the basement room I went, the more cobwebs I encountered.

This beautiful rotunda there made up for it!

FullSizeRender (9)


I found the land my great-grandfather Joseph V. Ford owned, where my grandfather grew up, so my husband and I drove out and found it…it was covered by a small man-made lake. Bummer!

All in all, a productive research trip. The day was beautiful, and the color of that man-made lake was an astounding blue. Maybe Grampa was keeping tabs on us that day!

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