Webinar~Certified or Certifiable? Why A Genealogist Would Go Through All That Trouble

Another great webinar in the BCG series, presented by Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA, CG http://www.circlemending.org

BCG website

* Certification: Evaluation of competence of work samples in a portfolio based on:

Documenting, researching, and writing.

Benefits of being certified, higher standards, efforts to reap rewards (personal and financial), preparing to go “on the clock,” second round for some applicants. If you submit a second portfolio, you start from the ground up, a complete re-do of your portfolio.

Be measured by those who know the field.

Turn in application to go “on the clock” aka 1 year to turn in portfolio. Submit preliminary application along with a fee. “Time is literally money.”

Take classes to prepare properly for certification.

Take time to do some work before going “on the clock.”

Obtain the aid of a mentor (email list through BCG once you’re “on the clock”).

Clarify anything that confuses you. Ask questions.

Take the quiz to see if you’re ready (readiness quiz).

Look at sample portfolios at major conferences at the BCG booth.

Attend what conferences/seminars you can and visit the BCG booth when there.

Read On Board! It’s time for me to subscribe.

Pursue certification to ‘prove’ or test oneself, advance career, validation of skills.

Preparing to go “on the clock”, create a timeline! See the BCG website for an example.

Join APG and NGS!

*Failure first time around:

Failure to follow all instructions.

Failure to read the rubrics that the judges use.

Lack of understanding of the terminology and genealogy scholarship.

Not enough experience, turning in application before you’re ready.

Portfolio can now be submitted electronically.

**I have found the BCG webinars to be exceptionally insightful. It was announced that archived webinars will be on the BCG website soon!**

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