Received this on 20 Apr 2015. Beyond thrilled. Have spent much time on the 21st looking through the national website, haven’t even touched the state website yet! For me, this is such a huge honor. My patriot is Thomas Pearson.

Tomorrow, I leave for more genealogy fun in Terre Haute, Indiana, in anticipation of the Indiana Genealogical Society Annual Conference on 25 Apr 2015. First, though, research in Sullivan County, Indiana, and then the Society Management Seminar on the 24th.  Soon, I’ll take a breather and catch up here…lots of stuff to share!

9 thoughts on “Approval

    • Awesome! Which sessions do you plan on attending? I definitely will be catching at least 2 of Judy Russell’s! The ones about the the Wabash Valley interest me, too, since I have ancestors who were there relatively early on. 🙂

    • I’m getting there Wed night so I can shoot down to Sullivan County all day Thursday. Friday, I’m doing the Society Management Seminar as I want to be more involved in IGS but need to know more about it. I did want to do some research on a local resident from Terre Haute in the mid 1850s, Anton Mayer. He was a brewer there and as it turns out my 2nd-great-GF is Paul Mayer who immigrated to the US with an Anton Mayer. At first, I did a little happy dance but then realized that there are two Anton Mayers! My Paul Mayer was also a brewer. So, I’m wondering if Terre Haute Anton Mayer might’ve been a cousin to my Paul (ages of all 3 men roughly within 5 years of one another). As for the Anton Mayer who came over with my Paul, I believe them to be brothers. Also, I believe I found that Anton Mayer as living in Cincinnati and buried there. The most I’ve found as far as a bio on Terre Haute Anton Mayer is that his father was Bartholomew Mayer in Wurttemberg. Would love to either rule him in or out as being related to my Paul Mayer. Also, they immigrated within a year of one another from the same port, I believe. I found it interesting all the coincidences with the two men, especially since they spelled their surname the same way, because Lord knows I’ve seen ‘Mayer’ spelled every which way but loose! LOL

  1. We may come down on Friday night – researching the Turner family in Vigo Co. They were coal miners.
    I’m taking the brief history session (1-B), then the rest are Judy Russell’s. I am bringing someone with me who is coming to learn more about genealogy and also to earn some LEUs.
    Really looking forward to it!
    Tweet me when you get there – mcgen1. Or, email me at I will try to remember to have my twitter on – I don’t use it very often, but need too!

    • Mine were coal miners in Sullivan County (Ford/Ammerman)! Big business there. I just looked up Anton Mayer on FindAGrave and, I kid you not, he has the same style headstone as Paul Mayer, a rectangle with first and last name, year of birth hyphen year of death. I have got to find out more about Anton while I’m there!

      My husband is coming along; for him, it’s a small get-away and he likes to drive me around…lol. I’ll tweet you Saturday! 🙂

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