FFF~Week #16

I am now moving onto my 2nd-great generation!

Ancestor: My paternal 2nd-great-grandfather (Lyman S. Ford)


  1. Born 25 July 1832 in Jackson County, Ohio, to John Ford and Mary Hill.
  2. Married Mary M. Ammerman in Sullivan County, Indiana, in 1855.
  3. Served 4 years in the 59th Indiana Voluntary Regiment, Co. C, in the Civil War, along with his father. Mustered out as sergeant.
  4. He used his middle initial ‘S’ frequently, said to have been a name of one of his father’s brothers, Sylvanus. Lyman was also the name of another of his father’s brothers. I have recently found that one of Lyman’s brothers-in-law, Ephraim Wolf Ammerman, named a son Lyman Sylvanus. Interesting!
  5. Died 18 Aug 1897 in Sullivan County, Indiana.

image This is the family plot for Lyman, Mary, and their 3 children who died young. Bethel Cemetery, Hymera, Indiana. Photo credit: Life/Citation


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