Genealogy Do-Over~Week 12

Sorry about the delay!!

Week 12: 20 Mar – 26 Mar 2015

* Sharing Research

I’m doing that through this blog…might even find some distant cousins eventually! The only things I don’t share is information about still living folks and anything I’m going to be using for my BCG portfolio in the future. I have a family tree on I somehow get by without using unless I use the library edition in a pinch. Of course, I’ll share pictures or documents with distant cousins who are also researching the same family line.

* Reviewing Research Travel Options

My bucket list for research travel would have to include Wurttemberg, Germany, and Ireland.  In the US, I’d like to get to Genesee County, New York; Washington County, Pennsylvania; Putnam County, Tennessee; Bedford/Franklin/Grayson Counties in Virginia…off the top of my head. As well as making a research plan before I visit a city I’ve never been before, I research the repositories I need to visit, checking maps, parking, rules/regulations (sometimes it’s pencils only!), hours, even whether or not they have a place to eat on the premises. I call them beforehand if I have questions. Usually, my husband goes with me to out-of-town places. If he is unavailable, I make sure I have a card in my belongings noting my name, contact info for my family, any medical issues (I have diabetes, and it’s not uncommon for me to have a hypoglycemic episode)…just in case something happens and I’m incapacitated and can’t give needed info. For example, I’m going to Sullivan County, Indiana, in a couple weeks, so I’ve been reviewing where the courthouse is, if they have the record set I’m searching for, and I’m going to check in with their historical society, as well. I’ve been to their health department, but I might make a second trip to see if I can find other death certificates that I didn’t ask about before.

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