Researching at the Ohio History Center

It is the day before the conference, and I’m in Columbus, Ohio, to get some research done at the Ohio History Center where the Ohio state archives are housed, along with county genealogical materials. I have been noticeably absent recently as I was preparing for this research day in earnest.


The Ohio History Center was very easy to find and get to. The staff at the front desk were very helpful and friendly. It was a cinch to find the Archives/Library. You store your belongings in a locker. You can only taken in pencils, notebooks, and phone/nonflash camera/computer. Since I was researching a multitude of surnames, I decided to check county history books for any indices to help me locate documents on microfilm, on the ‘net, or in person at a later date. Of note, it’s on the third floor and there are solar panels in the ceiling, and, while we were there, a heavy thunderstorm rolled through…awesome!

The names I researched included Hickman/Heckman, Eby, Hanby, Fowler, Ford, Hill from my own family and Church and Mantle/Mantel from a friend’s family. Whew! I did have some luck…hopefully! This is the resulting stack of books I searched through:


There are even books hidden behind the major stack!

Once finished at the History Center, we cruised to downtown Columbus to the Sheraton to pick up my conference registration information. And there was this:


Already on my 2016 calendar!!

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