FFF~Week #13

Ancestor: My maternal great-grandmother (Nora Belle Abbott)


  1. Was the third of 9 sisters (Bertha M., Nellie G., Harriett, Mary I., Elma V., Loretta P., Wilma, and Josephine).
  2. Was born in Muscatine, Iowa, in October 1889.
  3. Her parents were William C. Abbott and Elizabeth L. (Lizzie) Carpenter.
  4. On the 1910 census, 2 years after she married Harvey Ballard, I found that her family lived on North Meridian Street while Harvey’s mother lived on South Meridian Street of a very small town. I often wonder if that’s how they met.
  5. At the end of her life, she lived with her son, my mother’s father.  She died in 1965.

FullSizeRender(18) Harvey and Nora Belle (Abbott) Ballard, ca 1917-18

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