Genealogy Do-Over~Week 11

Week 11: 13 Mar – 19 Mar 2015

* Reviewing Social Media Options

Talking about social media could go on for days! It’s so prevalent nowadays. I utilize Twitter, Facebook, email, and my blog. I’m on several email discussion lists, which are nice to check out when I’ve caught up on everything else. I’ve got a Google+ profile but really don’t use it. I do have Pinterest but right now I’m not using it for anything genealogy related. I can remember the days when there was no social media (ahem, my high school days), and it’s amazing to see how far technology has come. Mind boggling, really.  I’ve been working on my website (to hopefully be unveiled 1 Apr 2015…no joke!) in an attempt to move into a part-time position doing genealogy-related work.

* Building a Research Network

I’m constantly working on this, especially at the local and state level, trying to get to know folks involved in genealogy and local/state history. Attending seminars, volunteering my time, doing the IHS focus group, things like that. I’m naturally a shy person so jumping into conversations is not the easiest thing for me to do, but I’ve been trying. I’ve found that around genealogy/family history folks it’s a lot easier to introduce myself and add to the conversation and learn from the conversation.

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