FFF~Week #12

Ancestor: My maternal great-grandfather (Harvey Bland Ballard)


1.   An inquest was done regarding his death as his death was unattended. He worked as a janitor at the local high school, affectionately called “The Castle,” and apparently was died of a heart attack while working one evening. I really need to track down the inquest papers. They said The Castle was haunted, could he have been scared to death? The building was razed in the 1960’s, I believe.

NewCastle1913HS Postcard picture, courtesy of RootsWeb

2.   Earlier in life, he worked as a telegrapher, earning accolades from his superiors.

3.   At some point, he also entertained as a vaudeville performer. Was I surprised when I came across the article below!

4.   He was born in October 1890, right before a diphtheria epidemic that made his two older brothers ill, one of them dying in January 1891 (Clarkson Ballard).

5.   He was a member of the Eagles (not the band, a men’s service organization here in town!).


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