Genealogy Do-Over~Week 10

Week 10: 6 Mar – 12 Mar 2015

* Reviewing DNA testing options

I have yet to test my DNA, let alone anyone in my family. I have been studying it, though, to better understand it. This is a very, very basic description of the tests:

Father’s side: YDNA (the Y gene is passed from father to son, only tests men)

Mother’s side: mtDNA (the X gene is passed from a mother to her children, mitochondrial)

Testing autosomal: atDNA (tests across genders, finds cousins)

The Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell, JD, CG, CGL, has posted a most excellent article regarding DNA (see here) with many explanations and links to DNA testing companies.  She will not steer you wrong and knows what she’s talking about. Side note, I’ll be hearing her speak at TWO conferences in April! Very excited about that! Back to DNA, I need to have my mom and dad tested, plus a male on my maternal side.

* Organizing Research Materials-Digital

I’ve been working on this all along. Cleaning up what I have on my laptop, moving items to the appropriate folders, etc., before adding anything new. It’s a job but one that needs to be completed for any semblance of organization of my files.

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