Genealogy Do-Over~Week 7

Week 7: 13 Feb – 19 Feb 2015

* Reviewing Genealogy Database Software
In 2003, I bought Family Tree Maker, and it was okay for me at that time. I’ve since moved on to Roots Magic 7. I do like this program, especially entering citations and creating charts. However, for some reason, parents of a person keep coming up twice in the program. If I try to delete one of the couples, it seems as if it will delete both couples. There has to be a way around that, maybe a merge? I need to look into it further. It is possible I might need to, well, do a software do-over.

Several hours later…

I think I found a fix! Going through my families to find the ones with duplicates to repair their relationships in my program. It’s a bit daunting to click ‘delete’ when you have so much information at stake, but I did it. Thankfully, RM7 doesn’t just delete when you click, you have options, delete or unlink. Let’s just say I have some unlinking to do. 🙂 I am so glad I took the time to figure out the issue; I really did not want to invest in more software and re-enter all my data.

I also like how RM7 is now linked with FamilySearch hints. You can also save your RM7 file to Dropbox and create a website with your data although I haven’t yet tried that function. You can even publish a book! I really need to explore this software more. Plus, RM7 support is excellent!

If I had to choose a different genealogical software, what would I choose (for a PC)? Looks like the popular choices include Family Tree Maker, MyHeritage, Legacy, WikiTree, Family Tree Builder. I checked out WikiTree but didn’t quite get it; I probably didn’t devote enough time to looking at it. I’ve heard good things about FTB and Legacy, and I know some people have more than one software package running, or use a Mac and PC.

* Digitizing Photos and Documents
I most certainly need to “bone up” on my knowledge in this realm. In the past, I’ve scanned pictures and documents into my computer and then attempted to move them into the correct folders, labeled correctly or in such a way I can find them again. Not a great system! I’ve been working on adding media to RM7 lately also, attaching it to the person it relates to. I’m going to check into creating OCR (optical character recognition) documents in Google Drive, also. One of the sessions I hope to attend at the OGS Conference in April is all about digitizing your pics and docs.

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