IHS Focus Group for New Traveling Museum

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit on a Focus Group hosted by the Indiana Historical Society in my hometown regarding a traveling museum.  Their plan is to buy an actual tractor-trailer and then be able to visit all 92 Hoosier counties. So, they are visiting four towns around Indiana to gather ideas and suggestions on what to put in the traveling museum. An exhibit will remain 3-4 years and then they will change it up.

There were about 20 of us gathered, and it was a lively discussion. When you get together with folks interested in history and/or genealogy, every conversation comes with a story, which is great! One lady in attendance had worked with a traveling museum on a much smaller scale, catered toward children, and she related that most times when city kids came to visit they were shocked to find that ham came from pigs! They literally thought it just came from WalMart! Another suggestion was an exhibit that appealed to a person’s 5 senses. We came up with some excellent ideas for the olfactory sense! 😉 In regard to kids, I thought it would be interesting to open their eyes to how things used to not be so “easy” as they are now, e.g., telephones. Put an actual rotary phone out and have them dial that, maybe have it rigged up to go to an actual recorded voice. Someone else suggested cranking a car to get it to start!  A lot of great ideas were bandied about. I can’t wait until this is up and off the ground so I can visit!



Above: The broad categories were discussed in more detail.


Above: The husband and I went out for a Valentine’s date afterward.

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