Genealogy Do-Over~Week 5

Week 5: 30 Jan-5 Feb 2015

*Building a Research Toolbox

The research toolbox…a concept not foreign to me, probably because I’ve attended a session by Thomas MacEntee about this very topic! I’ve even mentioned it here.  I did indeed start an online toolbox with a Weebly site but have since changed the direction of that website (more about that in the future).  The idea is to gather websites that you use frequently or don’t want to forget and group them together in one place, a toolbox.  I think Evernote is a great place for this. You can create notebooks and then stacks of notebooks.  You can annotate notes now in Evernote and share with others.

*Citing Sources

My goal with citing sources is practice makes perfect.  And, I do need to practice.  Earlier in the Do-Over, there was a discussion about starting with yourself and citing your sources (birth certificate, marriage license, etc.).  I’ve done that with my generation, my parents, and grandparents for lineage society applications.  However, I’m thinking I should create a spreadsheet with that info so I can turn to it when needed.  Or, get it all into RootsMagic7…that’s a much better idea.  I have started sporadically doing that, but I need to get it done in a more organized fashion.  For example, I needed a copy of my parent’s marriage license and the paper copy I have is on 11 x 14 paper.  I dug around on my computer until I found a copy to print out on 8-1/2 x 11.  That really just needs to be in RM7. Ugh!

My goal is to start with myself and scan and cite BMD sources in RM7…as soon as I’m over this cold! Yuck! Then, I’ll work backward, like I’m doing with Five Facts Friday (on a separate note, I just planned out the rest of the year for FFF and I’ll be into my 2nd-greats by the end of 2015!).

A FB Do-Over participant shared a bookmark with handy citation tips. I might print that out and laminate it. It includes the ABCDE citation style plus examples (thank you Pamela Whitaker Aban for sharing!).


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