Personal Historian~APG Webinar

My first webinar of 2015! This one is part of the Careers in Genealogy, about being a personal historian, presented by Linda Coffin, Executive Director of APH, presented for APG. Other archived webinars in this series include lineage specialist, forensic genealogist, and house historian.

In listening to the first 2 minutes of this lecture, I realize I am definitely a personal historian and genealogist!

APH=Association of Personal Historians

Personal Historian v Genealogist: Two paths to the same goal=Fascinating History!

Examples: Books; video; audio; “niche,” such as ‘ethical wills’, cookbooks, quilts, artwork; technology, such as StoryCatcher, GenArk, LegacyStories, genealogy-related story-telling

Interested in people and history. Personal historians come from all walks of life!

Three core components:
* Legal understanding
* Basic understanding of psychology and gerontology
* Business skills and marketing

Tracks: Audio, video, print, and online

Educational Options: APH, NIGS, University of Wisconsin-Superior, International Institute of Reminiscense and Life Review

Collaboration with other professionals (videographer, graphic designer, transcriptionist, photographer, etc.)

Documenting family heirlooms.

Combining genealogy and personal history creates enormous potential for interesting and dynamic family histories…bring that history to life!

Another great webinar…I’ve learned a lot!

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